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Flights to Greece

Greece is a country where no-one is in a hurry and the sun warms you from early in the morning to the glorious sunset. It's a place to enjoy freshly caught fish and local wine by the water's edge, as the local Orthodox priest chats with villagers while cats rub against your legs looking for a morsel of food. Greece is one of the most fascinating countries on the planet.

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Flights to Spain

UK and worldwide advertising by the Spanish National Tourist Office emphasises the multi-faceted nature of the country. Different regions all offer unique landscapes, lifestyles, cuisine and opportunities for exploration.

Spain is a country of sleepy villages where the siesta is still observed and wonderful meals are served not before 3pm for lunch and 9pm for dinner. This is traditional Spain - and you don't have to travel far from popular resort areas to find it.

But of course, Spain is also the hustle and bustle of the big, modern cities - with international standard hotels, major art centres and museums. Sporting legacies from the Olympic Games of 1992 as well as the fanatically-followed football teams all add to the mix of non-stop attractions for city breaks or multi-centre visits. Of course, Spain also has some of the most dramatic landscapes and seascapes in Europe.

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Get a family-friendly start to your Thomas Cook holiday!

These days there is no doubt that airports are rarely offer a totally stress-free environment. This is especially true in high season or during school holidays, when airport traffic is at it busiest. Taking the family on holiday at these times can be quite an ordeal for the young ones, and not so easy for parents either.

One great idea to make life easier is to consider booking an airport hotel for start of the holiday. This is especially true for those planning to drive to the airport, and for those with a very early flight departure. With no tiring drive on the day of the flight, an airport hotel means a refreshing night's sleep into the bargain. Of course, rates are available which include car parking for the duration of the holiday for those arriving by car.

Most airport hotels have leisure facilities to keep older children occupied, and general levels of comfort and ambience actually mean that the holiday starts on arrival at the airport, rather than at the destination - another great advantage.

Of course it is equally useful to consider an airport hotel stopover on the return leg of the holiday, when the arrival is scheduled very late and a long drive is required before the family gets home.

Recent research has shown that many travellers really overestimate the cost of a family room at most UK airport hotels - sometimes believing they cost twice as much as in reality. The fact is that family rooms at most airport hotels can accommodate two children under 16 within the adult twin rate - and usually only a small supplement to pay if a child is over 16.

A second great idea to consider is to book places in an airport lounge. Research has shown that most holiday travellers believe that Airport Lounges are geared solely to business and VIP travellers. Whilst this is that case for airport lounges geared to that clientele, there fact is that these days, the major UK airports have family friendly airport lounges, where it is possible to enjoy a complimentary snack and a drink - with no need to queue - in a more peaceful environment for very reasonable overall cost. Waiting for flight departures in such an environment is altogether more enjoyable and stress-free.

Airport lounges of this type exist at Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Glasgow - indeed all major UK departure points.

Thus, with these two simple strategies in place, every family break can start on a hassle-free note to put everyone in the mood for a great holiday.

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