Escorted Touring Holidays and Coach Tours

Why Go on Coach Tours?

There is no doubt that coach tours and escorted touring holidays are very popular these days. If you have never considered a coach touring holiday, here are some pointers to help you decide that an escorted coach tour is right for you.

A major benefit, of course, is the cost. It is really hard to beat the price of an arranged tour. Every operator providing coach trips are able to negotiate volume deals with hoteliers, because they provide regular, year-round business for hotels. So you can travel at almost wholesale rates, and certainly better rates than via the internet.

Many people are fed up of trying to book their own tailor-made tours via the web, looking for the best hotel deals. They find that coach trips are priced clearly, with no hidden extras, with clear daily itineraries and detailed meal plans. It's so much easier to use the web to download the brochure, with everything laid out and ready to absorb!

And then there is the convenience of knowing that you need cash only for the occasional meal. Even on coach holidays to Europe and further afield, we all like a bit of free time to explore so it's good to have some meals away from the group sometimes.

Of course a major factor is that you do not miss the important aspects of your chosen destination. Coach tour managers have the knowledge and experience to include all the great places of interest, and then some more! And of course you don't have to worry about additional cash and hassle for entrance fees as usually everything is pre-paid.

And finally - friendships! On a tour, you are likely to be travelling with like-minded folk. Your holiday in enjoyed in the company of your fellow ravellers.You can expect many lasting friendships to develop from an escorted touring holiday.

Touring Holidays in Europe

Ancient ruins, medieval towns, sun-kissed beaches and snow-capped mountains give Europe holidays a diversity of landscape and culture that no other continent can match.

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Touring Holidays in North America

North America is a continent painted on a grand canvas, blessed with extraordinary cities and a landscape of icy wildernesses, great plains, stunning lakes and canyons, vast deserts and lush jungle

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Touring Holidays in South America

South America holidays offer the more intrepid explorer a host of amazing experiences, from the rhythms of Rio and the elegance of Buenos Aires to the mysteries of Peru's Inca civilisation.

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Touring Holidays in Australia & New Zealand

Warm weather, an epic landscape and the locals' easy charm have long made Australasia a favourite with British holidaymakers - and for many of us, a trip Down Under represents a lifetime ambition

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Touring Holidays in Asia

Asia tours offer a wonderful journey for the senses. See pink sunsets over ancient temples, smell the spices in the markets, taste delicious dishes packed with fresh flavours and hear the calls of exotic animals and birds in mist-shrouded jungles.

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Touring Holidays in Africa

Africa holidays are an unforgettable experience, from the fascinating Islamic culture and spectacular Egyptian ruins in the north to the magnificent sunsets, inspiring landscapes and breathtaking wildlife you'll encounter further south.

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