Eleven Tips for Couples to Make Holidays More Romantic

romantic couple

It's been months, maybe even years, since you and your partner were able to leave behind the hustle and bustle of life. Up the romance and ditch work, kids, housework, in-laws and the pets by taking a trip yourselves. No matter which time of the year it is, or where you're going, there are several little things you can do to make your holiday one to remember for years to come.


Create a winter wonderland: Change the atmosphere of your hotel suite by getting an artificial Christmas tree at www.balsamhill.co.uk and decorate it with local finds.

Play outside: Who says snowball fights are just for kids? Make it into a game with the winner getting to choose where to have dinner or what the evenings activities should be. Snow just starting to fall? No problem; take a walk and enjoy the tiny flakes falling on your bodies.

Find a local market: Local markets will have new discoveries and treasures. Give each other a spending limit and buy something unique for each other make it funny, sentimental or romantic.


Buy fresh flowers: Stop by the florists and pick up a fresh bouquet of your partner's favourite flowers. Not only will it be a welcome surprise, but the car will smell lovely for the whole drive.

Act like a local: Part of the fun of going to another location is enjoying the food, scenery and culture. Act French by not being afraid to show affection in public. Or if you're daring, you might even try hanging out at a nude beach in Greece.

Ditch technology: Spend time reconnecting and enjoying one another's company by making a mutual decision to leave smart phones, laptops and other electronic devices at home, or at least turned off for the majority of the trip. One caveat is that if you're driving, it is probably wise to keep your GPS system in the car so that you get where you're going.


Play in the sand: Channel your youthful side by building a sand structure for just the two of you to sit in. Build a sand castle or drizzle castle. Or write love notes in the sand while your partner's getting another beverage or taking a walk.

Take the road less traveled: Tourists at most destinations will be at their peak. To avoid waiting in long, crowded queues at places like the Eiffel Tower, go to nearby towns which are similar in culture, but may not have the masses of people or the expensive prices.

Be honeymooners: Even if you're not on your honeymoon, but an employee at your hotel or a restaurant asks if you are, answer with an enthusiastic "yes!" It's no secret that folks who've just tied the knot get special treatment. Whether you walked down the aisle a fortnight ago, or 14 years ago, never correct those who wrongly assume you're newly married. You just might get a nice room upgrade or complimentary bottle of champagne.

Dance: Find a local bar or outside square with music and dance the night in each others arms. Whisper sweet nothings to each other like a couple of teenagers.


Get out of the hotel room: Take outdoor walks and enjoy the changing colours of nature. Walk hand-in-hand through the woods, go to an apple orchard to pick apples to take home and turn into pies, applesauce or apple juice.

Timeless Rules

Avoid old stomping grounds: Number one rule: do not take your present partner to any place that you took a previous one. Even if you've never spoken of going there, going back to a place with a new partner might trigger your memory and bring up feelings, or even worse, names that are better left unsaid.

Talk about nothing: For a pleasant holiday, where unsavoury words are not spoken, avoid discussing topics that trigger negative reactions. The Guardian suggests that such topics to stay away from may include work, relatives, finances or politics.