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Where to Fly in Turkey - Top Turkey Holiday Destinations

By Jane Wilkinson

Turkey is an up-and-coming holiday destination, with many beautiful regions hosting some excellent resorts. Package holidays to Turkey are becoming increasingly popular, where holidaymakers want to combine comfortable accommodation with breathtaking scenery.


The seaside town of Kemer is an ideal destination for a Turkey holiday. You can enjoy afternoons spent strolling through the pretty town, where quaint old buildings make for some enjoyable scenery. And the winding streets of the town centre create an atmosphere of times gone by.

With interesting archaeological ruins to visit, and the Taurus Mountains acting as a backdrop, you will have plenty of things to do and see when visiting Kemer on a Turkey holiday. Stroll through pretty pine forests, and tread over the large pebbles that carpet the beaches. In such a beautiful destination, spending time outdoors is a pleasure, and a relaxing way to spend holidays in Turkey.


Marmaris is situated on Turkey's southern coastline, in the Mugla province. The province forms the area where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet, a remarkable stretch of coastline. Staying in Marmaris on a Turkey holiday is certain to be an enjoyable experience. For those looking for evening entertainment, the region probably has the best nightlife on Turkey's coast, so you can enjoy partying the night away on your Turkey holiday.

The region is known for its delicious fresh foods, so dining in Marmaris will always be a pleasure. The local wine produced in the region is competition for the international wines produced at acclaimed vineyards, so your Turkey holiday will be filled with good food, great wine and exciting evenings.


The biggest selling point of this resort is the ease with which the modern resort facilities sit amongst the fascinating archaeological ruins. This classical seaside resort sees the meeting of old and new, with trendy modern living next door to the ancient ruins of theatres and bars. Fashionable shops are available for avid shoppers, and a host of bars are available to show off your new purchases.

For lazy days when all you want is the sea and sun, two stretches or golden beaches are perfectly positioned for hours of tanning. For many, lying on the warm sands alongside glistening ocean waters is the perfect holiday activity, and you can enjoy this as much as you want when in Side on a Turkey holiday.

Olu Deniz

With one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you can't go wrong if you stay in the resort of Olu Deniz on your holiday in Turkey. The Blue Lagoon beach is known for its exceptional beauty, where crystal clear waters meat pearly white sands. You can spend hours enjoying the glorious sun and warm waters as you spend most of your Turkey holiday on the beach.

But if you want something a little more energetic on some days, the Babadag Mountain is simply waiting to be explored. You can enjoy days hiking up this beautiful mountain, or get your adrenaline going as you paraglide down from the top, admiring the aerial views of one of the most idyllic locations in Turkey.

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