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Study in London at Richmond University

Study in London at Richmond

For those seeking to study in London and looking at an American model liberal arts education, Richmond University is the only truly international American university in the UK

Richmond sees itself engaged fully with the major questions of our time, making great efforts to understand, articulate and respond the global transformations. This it sees as a major, if not the main role, of any university responsible for the care, personal and intellectual development and encouragement of young people.

Study in London in an International Environment

Richmond is excellently placed to fulfil an international agenda. It's students come from over 100 countries around the world. The university has an international faculty committed to an international curriculum and to an intercultural teaching approach.

Richmond’s distinctions include dual accreditation, in both the USA and the United Kingdom. The university emphasisies the best of both the US and UK systems of education: the US focus on the liberal arts and the British system of specialisation.

Studying in London with Richmond, means a curriculum beginning with its First Year Program, informed by Richmond's international mission and  part of the broad, liberal arts degree education.

This model continues in Year Two. During their final two years, students specialise on their individual majors.

Study in London with a Global Perspective

Richmond's most compelling characteristic is its long standing emphasis on globalisation, international relations, world awareness and cultural diversity. The University is focused on the fact that the next generation of leaders, in fields from business and finance to communications and public service, will be those who have a sophisticated appreciation, understanding and familiarity with the broader world.

Hence, Richmond  students who have chosen to study in London, enjoy a rich interchange both within and beyond the classroom. Moreover, Richmond's  alumni are enthusiastic about their experience at Richmond, not only because of the global perspective of their academic programmes, but also because of the extraordinary international network of student colleagues that they acquire.

And what better place for such an experience than London,  described by the Independent newspaper as the global capital of the world and cited as the model for multi-cultural societies of the 21st century?

Visit the Richmond University website for all the reasons to study in London



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