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Beginner's Tips for Skiing Holidays

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Skiing is one of the most enjoyable and exhilarating sports out there to learn. Watching people glide down at speed looks impressive, but also rather daunting for someone that’s never skied before. Not to worry though, skiing is much like riding a bike; it takes a little time to get used to but after that you’ll be able to look as great as the people you looked in awe at! There are some basic tips that every beginner skier should know, certainly things that I would’ve appreciated knowing before I first took the sport up. In this article, we’ll have a look at five tips to get you on your way.

Firstly, and assuming you have no experience of skiing, you’ll need to get yourself familiarised with wearing skis. Going to a dry ski slope is the way forward here. Wearing ski boots and skis is a whole new experience and takes time getting used to, both for your feet and adjusting how to walk. At the dry slope, you’ll get the basics of ski manoeuvres such as turning, slowing down with the snowplough and other aspects of control on the slopes. It’s much better getting a few hours learning under your belt already done before you go on your holiday.

Secondly, you need to have confidence and faith in your equipment. When it comes to bumps, turns and general stance, you need to be leaning forward. For beginners, it’s very tempting to sit back and learn backwards to prevent yourself falling over, but this has the opposite effect. Over time, you’ll gain more confidence in yourself as you get quicker and more agile. This confidence should come from knowing that your boots fit well, and your skis were adjusted correctly to suit you.

Thirdly, your choice of clothing could potentially make or break your skiing experience. You won’t necessarily have to go out and buy a new wardrobe, items such as sweaters, pullovers and undershirts that you already have will do the trick. Winter/ski gloves and a neck warmer are items that you may need to go out and buy, but they’re the key to keeping you warm and comfortable. Additionally, you’ll need to hire out a pair of trouser overalls; these are waterproof and act as an outer layer for retaining heat in your legs.

Fourthly, accommodation is something often overlooked in the planning of a ski holiday. Finding good accommodation can greatly reduce the cost of your holiday and provide you with the rest and relaxation you’ll be yearning for after your first few days on the slopes. Catered chalets are an excellent choice in terms of money, freedom and the best experience. You’ll get your food provided for you and the managers can help you find the best bars, restaurants and places of interest to make your stay the best it can be.

Finally, consider where you’re going. France, for example, offers some of the best skiing locations in the world, and the cheapest priced ski lift passes. It depends how far you want to travel, where you want to experience and other factors such as nightlight; your holiday is what you make it!


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