ABTA Travel Companies

ABTA travel companies

Country Connect helps you find an Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) licensed Tour Operator for your holiday. ABTA member companies specialise in a wide variety of holiday destinations.

Lists of ABTA members specialising in various destinations are provided to Country Connect by ABTECH's hypertrails.com e-directory.

If you need an ABTA travel company for peace of mind, you should expect to find it here!


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In these days of financial uncertainties, it is important to have peace of mind when making a large purchase such as the holiday you are currently thinking about. It is therefore good to know that from the moment you book with an ABTA Member you will protect your travel arrangements, so you do not lose out if your tour operator or other service provider fails financially. An ABTA travel company will also be in a position to help in the unlikely event that things go wrong.

Before you head off on holiday, you might also ask your ABTA travel company about the following additional products and services:

Competitive travel insurance, including single trip, annual multi-trip and long-stay policies.

ABTA Protection Plan
Provides financial protection for any elements of your travel arrangements that are not automatically financially protected.

Family Safe Holidays
An online account to store vital information that can be called on in times of emergency.

How to Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday
And to help you enjoy your holiday and avoid some possible pitfalls, ask your ABTA travel company for a copy of the ABTA comprehensive leaflet How to Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday.