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The Remit of International Tourist Offices

Over time, and with the development of network technology in the past two decades, the role of international tourist offices in the UK has undergone big changes. The customer-focussed brochure distribution and counter services offered by the tourist offices of the major destinations for UK tourist - and many of the smaller countries also - have virtually disappeared. In their place are easy-access online facilities delivering detailed destination information and a platform for video and image-rich presentations for potential customers to enjoy at their leisure.

It was already clear in the early days of the evolving Country Connect relationship with UK-based tourist offices, that the focus was very much shifting. The preferred role was in building press and tour operator contacts, where knowledge of the attractions of individual countries could be cost-effectively disseminated in newspapers, magazines and the brochures of the major sellers. Coupled with this were programmes of "meet the public" holiday fairs and of course, a presence at landmark industry Travel shows including the embryonic World Travel Market which was growing apace in the late 1980's.

During this time, and before the arrival of the world wide web, the use of technology to deliver information in the UK was limited in a way which is almost incomprehensible today. The available platform to reach the consumer from the early 1980s was BT's Prestel system, which never reached a userbase beyond 90,000 due to in part to the sheer cost, the difficulties of dealing with a monopoly supplier in the early days, the limitations of the viewdata technology it employed; and last but not least, the knowledge gaps amongst tourism management chiefs.

But it was always clear, with reduced budgets in the early 1990s, that the old model of direct customer focus was impossible to maintain without technology, and tourist offices increasingly placed themselves higher up the pyramid of consumer networking, relying on press, tour operator and travel agency partnerships to deliver their message. At the same time, viewdata technology had found great favour with tour operators and ferry companies.Thus from a few early adopters in the mid 1980s, viewdata ( with text and bizarrely-limited graphics capability) became the platform of choice for tour operators to deliver reservations and product information facilities to the UK travel agency network.

It was on this network that tourist offices were first able, through pioneering work done by Country Connect amongst others, to deliver its destination information to a receptive travel industry audience through the viewdata interface. Ideas of information delivery through technology thus became firmly established during these years, ensuring beyond doubt that the future remit of tourism information delivery to the holidaymaker was going to move away from dedicated print to online resources as soon as the technology allowed.

About Country Connect Tourist Office Directory

We research our information through direct mailings, through contact with each office, and through contact with the individual Embassy representing each country in the UK.

Country Connect initially started working with UK-based national tourist offices in 1989, and since that time has established regular news-feeds for timely distribution to the UK travel industry via closed, managed networks. Elements from these feeds are made available to the public via this website, and comprise regular updates on travel offers, new airline routes, new holiday programmes from tour operators and much else of interest to the UK-resident world traveller and holidaymaker.

In addition to the contact information, Country Connect offers a country-by-country link to official government travel advice, BBC climate statistics, as well as to the Word Travels destination guide and even the CIA factbook for in-depth country profiling.

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